Bus Arrival Alarm based on ARM mbed WIZwiki-W7500


I’ve making real-time bus arrival alarm device based on WIZnet WIZwiki-W7500 mbed IoT platform board. This device project for busy people in the morning. Perhaps, you could be more freely checking bus arrival without mobile phone for this device.

* This project made by korean. If you live in foreign country, you may need to be modified for Bus information system in yours.

Step 1: Concept


Step 2: Parts

Grove_Base_Shield_v2_no_transparency Grove_-_oled_display_96x96 Grove_-_4_digit_display Grove_-_piezo_buzzer_and_Grove_connector_resize


For this Project, you’ll need next things.

  • WIZnet WIZwiki-W7500 IoT Platform board
  • Seeed Studio Grove Devices
  • A Computer connecting to Internet
    • ARM mbed platform provided Web compiler (IDE)

Step 3: Hardware Configuration


Step 4: Used Libraries


Step 5: Get the Bus Arrival Informations  

gbis_main_kor gbis_기반정보조회 gbis_기반정보조회_결과 gbis_버스도착정보_항목조회_결과


  • Note: These steps for using GBIS(Gyeonggi Bus Information System) in Korea.

Following next steps.

  1. Check and get the Bus number and station(bus stop) number you need.
  2. Get the Bus base information using openAPI (refer to below URL example)
  3. Lookup the matched route ID and station ID in route / station database using bus number and station number.
  4. Get the Bus arrival information using openAPI (refer to below URL example)
  5. Done
Step #2 URL Example: Bus base information request (key)


Step #4 URL Example: Bus arrival information request (key, routeID, stationID)


Step 6: Import the Project on mbed Web Compiler


Visit follow link; mbed project repository


Press ‘Import this Program‘ button in Repository toolbox
  • Note: MAC address is the unique ID for your network device. It must be modified as your MAC.

Step 7: Build and Run



Enjoy it!


Check out this awesome Instructable.



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